Manage Loans

Use CaseDescriptionAPI
Lock on a loan before modifying it to
prevent conflicting changes from other users
Acquire an exclusive on a loan, make your changes, and then release the lock.Loan: Lock
Retrieve the lock status of a loanRetrieve the lock status for only one specific.Get Resource Locks
Create and update loans with common
Encompass allows users to create publicly or privately available loan templates to facilitate the creation of loans that have common characteristics or dataCreate Loan
Update Loan
Organize your loans using foldersCreate a new loan in a specified folder or move existing loans into specific folders.

Note that folders must be created in Encompass.
Create Loan
Move to Loan Folder
Automate Vendor Service Orders
for Credit & Verification
Subscribe for Webhook notifications on transaction Update event.

Place a Service Order and get a transaction ID.

Receive a webhook notification when there is any update on the transaction.

Retrieve the Transaction Order Status
Order Services
Get Service Order Status