How to Get Loan Data by Making Calls to Developer Connect APIs

Encompass Developer Connect provides tools and services to advanced clients, where they can build their own customized software by utilizing Developer Connect APIs. Below is an example that demonstrates how to get Loan Data by calling a Developer Connect API.

For ICE Mortgage Technology functionality not available through SSF (for example document/attachment management), you may use the APIs in Developer Connect by exchanging or obtaining an access token in the backend service.


Important Note

You need to have an assigned Developer Connect Portal client id and client secret. Before calling any Developer Connect APIs, you need to authenticate the user (Developer Connect Account User) and capture the access token. This token should be passed as “Bearer token” in headers as an authorization for subsequent API calls.

  1. Get access token by calling authentication API.
curl - x POST\ -
	u '<api_client_id>:<api_client_secret>'\ -
	d 'grant_type=password'\ -
	d 'username=<username>'\ -
	d 'password=<password>'\
	response: {
		"access_token": "7JkdjsLowrjfjDorirMcvnXz",
		"token_type": "Bearer"
  1. Call get loan API by passing access token in request header.
var loanGuid = '61d0c054-4528-4d6e-a20c-048b82cd10c5';
var url = '<loanguid>'; var loanUrl = 
url.replace('<loanguid>', loanGuid);

url: loanUrl,
success: function(response) {
console.log("Success, Loan Data ===", response.GetLoanResponse.LoanData);

beforeSend: function (xhr) {
xhr.setRequestHeader ("Authorization", "Bearer 7JkdjsLowrjfjDorirMcvnXz"));
type: 'GET', contentType: 'json',