Encompass Loan Data Dictionary Guide

Guide Table of Contents


This document provides instructions for creating and maintaining your Encompass loan data dictionary using Encompass APIs to support your real-time data integration with Encompass.

Who is this guide for?

Encompass customers who are building an API integration to retrieve loan data from Encompass.


This solution guide supports standard and custom fields only. Virtual fields are not included.

Supported Use Cases

  1. Creating a baseline loan data dictionary for:
    a. Code generation
    b. Data warehouse integration
  2. Enriching your data dictionary with additional metadata fields.
  3. Updating your data dictionary to keep in sync with Encompass Loan and Field schema changes.

Available Resources

Before beginning to stitch together your data dictionary, familiarize yourself with the following APIs that can be used to create a baseline data dictionary for fields in the Encompass Loan schema.

V3 Get Loan SchemaReturns a JSON schema for loans. Results can be filtered by specified entities and the includeFieldExtensions flag. These filters determine whether the schema includes field extensions. The loan schema is updated with every Encompass release.

The loan schema includes standard and custom fields.
V3 Get Field SchemaReturns the standard field definitions in a loan. You can query for all standard fields or a specified list of fields. Multi-instance fields can be queried with any index. A few examples are BE0002, BE0102 and BE0202.
V3 Get Custom FieldsReturns a list of all custom fields defined in the system. You can limit the fields using the custom field ID(s) of the schema to return. If not provided, all field custom fields are returned as Top of Form.