API Pagination - Response Payload Size Limit

The ICE Mortgage Technology API Gateway has a 6MB payload limit. However, when working with APIs that return large datasets, the payload size can be more than the supported 6MB limit. To manage large data sets in a performant, structured and manageable manner, several of the Encompass Developer Connect API calls support page-based pagination that allows for the data to be divided into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Using query parameters, the API caller can specify the starting position and a limit of records to retrieve in a single call. If the amount of data requested to be returned in a single API call exceeds 6MB, the caller will have to resubmit the request multiple times modifying the query parameters until all data is retrieved. The pagination metadata is included either in the response header or in the response payload which helps API consumers navigate through the paginated data more effectively.

When the ICE Mortgage Technology API gateway limit of 6MB is exceeded, the following maximum payload error is returned.


    "response": {
        "status": 400,
        "content": {
            "text": "{\"message\":\"Response exceeds maximum size (6 MB)\"}"