The Send Encompass Docs API set includes endpoints and methods to allow a caller to generate an Encompass Document Order, which can then be seen by the designated recipients on an ICE Mortgage Technology supported signing portal (i.e. Consumer Connect for borrower and non- borrowing owner recipients and Loan Connect for third-party recipients).
This API set includes endpoints and methods to manage plan codes, audit a loan file, generate a doc set, add documents to the generated package, send the completed document package to the identified recipients for review and/or signing.
Users of the APIs can generate documents through 4 different flows:

  • Opening Docs Flow – Generates the Initial Disclosure package
  • Closing Docs Flow – Generates the ink Closing Package
  • On-Demand Forms – Generates any other documents needed (including initial CD, revised LE, revised CD, or other forms)Requirements for Sending Document Packages


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Requirements for Sending Document Packages

For all document package flows, an Encompass Consumer Connect site is required. Document packages generated and delivered using the Encompass Docs APIs are made available to borrowers and non-borrowing owners through the Encompass Consumer Connect borrower portal. Your Encompass Consumer Connect site ID (consumerConnectSiteId) must be passed in the Loan payload.

For Closing Package flows, in addition to the above requirement, Encompass eClose must be enabled on the Encompass instance. Encompass eClose is generally available with the Encompass 21.1 April Service Pack release but is not enabled by default for all users. Encompass eClose is an opt-in service.


When generating the Initial Disclosure package or an On-Demand Form, a fax coversheet automatically generates for all wet sign documents. The generated coversheet will be seen by the designated recipients on an ICE Mortgage Technology supported signing portal.

For more information or to get started with Encompass Consumer Connect or Encompass eClose, contact your relationship manager.

APIs for Managing Plan Codes

The Manage Plan Codes API retrieves a list of company plan codes and applies program data from a selected plan code to a loan file. Any plan code conflicts are provided in the response.

Get Plan CodesGET /encompassdocs/v1/planCodes
Apply Plan CodePOST / encompassdocs/v1/planCodes/{planCodeID}/evaluator

APIs for Managing Document Packages

Opening (Initial Disclosure) Packages
Initial Disclosure Packages are also known as Opening documents in Encompass Developer Connect. The /opening endpoint provides methods to audit a loan, order disclosures, generate and send the opening (three-day) package to borrowers.  A compliance audit (by Mavent) can be included with Opening Document orders, if Encompass admin has enabled the eDisclosure Packages setting "Include Compliance Report with Data audit".

Create AuditPOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentAudits/opening
Generate Doc SetPOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/opening
Add to Doc SetPOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/opening/{orderId}/documents
Send PackagePOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/opening/{orderId}/delivery

Closing Package
The /closing endpoint is provided with methods to audit a loan, order docs, generate, and send Closing documents to the settlement agent. Once the package is sent, a notification is sent to the recipient with the pre-signed URL for accessing the forms to be printed and ink-signed at closing. A compliance audit (by Mavent) is included with Closing document orders.

Create AuditPOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentAudits/closing
Generate Doc SetPOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/closing
Add to Doc SetPOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/closing/{orderId}/documents
Send PackagePOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/closing/{orderId}/delivery

On-Demand Document Orders with Additional Forms
One or more additional forms can be added to an existing package using the /forms endpoint. When Loan Estimates or Closing Disclosures are added to a document package, the package will be tracked with the Disclosure Tracking Tool in Encompass.

Generate Doc SetPOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/forms
Add to Doc SetPOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/forms/{orderId}/documents
Send FormsPOST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/forms/{orderid}/delivery

API for Retrieving Loan Recipients and Authentication Codes for Doc Orders

Use the V3 Get Recipients API to retrieve a list of recipients associated with a loan. Recipients can include the borrower, co-borrowers, and non-borrowing owners on a loan. This API also returns authentication codes when applicable.

Retrieve List of Loan Recipients:GET /encompass/v3/loan/{loanId}/recipients

API for Retrieving Disclosure Tracking Settings to Select Forms for On-Demand Doc Orders

V3 Disclosure Tracking Settings API to retrieve the Disclosure Tracking settings defined in Encompass > Settings > Loan Setup > Disclosure Tracking Settings. This can be used to choose the list of forms to be sent out as part of On-Demand Disclosure packages.

Retrieve Disclosure Tracking SettingsGET /v3/settings/loan/disclosureTracking