Introducing Cloud Storage for Loan Attachments

November 17, 2018 | Keith Summers

Introducing Cloud Storage for Loan Attachments

Ellie Mae is now looking to the cloud to securely store files associated with loans during loan processing in Encompass. Support for cloud storage is among the recent enhancements made to the Encompass document platform and will be made generally available in a future release. When an Encompass instance is enabled to leverage cloud storage, files uploaded to the Encompass eFolder will be securely streamed to cloud storage. Additionally, document conversion of the uploaded files will also be performed in cloud. Performing this conversion in the cloud, where artifacts such as thumbnails and pages images are generated, reduces the compute resources required of a customer’s infrastructure.

With the introduction of cloud storage support, new and updated Encompass V3 Developer Connect APIs are being made available for accessing eFolder content that gets stored in the cloud. Together with a cloud storage enabled Encompass instance, these new APIs will provide a more secure, flexible, and efficient way to store and access loan attachments in the eFolder. For example, it will be possible to download an entire file as a PDF with a single API call. This would be much more efficient than what could be required today which would involve making multiple API calls to retrieve each page image of a file individually, and then be being required to use those page images to generate the desired file.

These new APIs can be used immediately without an Encompass instance that has enabled for cloud storage. This will allow developers to get familiar with the APIs while maintaining the existing behavior as the APIs are backward compatible. When the Encompass instance gets enabled to use cloud storage, you can begin using the updated V3 APIs to store and retrieve new loan files in the cloud as well as to seamlessly retrieve existing loan files. It is important to note that once the instance is enabled for cloud storage, the new APIs MUST be in place and utilized to avoid disruption to the current behavior.

Cloud storage support for an Encompass instance is currently being offered on a limited basis. If you are interested in having your Encompass test instance(s) enabled for cloud storage, please contact your Ellie Mae Relationship Manager who will work with the Document Platform Product Management team.

Join the Ellie Mae journey to the cloud by leveraging cloud storage. Start getting familiar with the new and updated V3 Developer Connect APIs for the eFolder today!