Encompass Developer Connect is intended for ICE Mortgage Technology Encompass clients only.

Developer Connect allows developers to configure, customize, and administer loan information and resources programmatically through REST APIs.

This site assumes basic knowledge of REST and HTTP and familiarity with Encompass.

Quick Start

To get started, you’ll need:

  • API Key: The API key is an important part of authentication. See Getting an API Key for more information.

  • Authentication: The Encompass Lending Platform uses OAuth for authentication and authorization. Follow the steps described in Authentication to learn how to obtain and use an access token.

  • Webhook: The Encompass Lending Platform supports webhooks for loan events. Follow the steps described in the Webhook sections to learn how to use webhooks and manage subscriptions.


Getting Started with Encompass Developer Connect

The Getting Started with Encompass Developer Connect guide is a helpful resource for software developers who want to start working with Encompass Developer Connect. It provides instructions for creating an account on the developer portal, obtaining an API key, setting up the Developer Connect Postman collection, and making the first API call.