Adding Webhook Destination Domain to the ICE Allow-list

About Webhooks

Webhooks enable the ICE Mortgage Technology Digital Lending Platform to deliver real-time updates to your application. By creating a webhook subscription, your client application can receive notifications when a specified event occurs on a resource. For example, your client application can subscribe to receive notifications when a new loan is created. Notifications are triggered when that specified event occurs and then is pushed to your application via POST requests.

To learn more about webhooks, see Webhooks Overview.

Client Application Requirements for Webhook Subscriptions

Effective October 16th, 2023, new lenders and partners subscribing to webhook events must submit a request to ICE to add the endpoint destination domain to the allow-list for the receiving endpoints.

  • If you are a new customer or partner subscribing to receive webhook notifications, you will need to first submit a support ticket to ICE Mortgage Technology to add your domain to the ICE allow-list to receive webhook notifications.

  • If you are already subscribing to webhook notifications and your receiving endpoint domain is planned to change (For example, current domain for your subscriptions is to on or after October 16th, 2023, you will need to first submit a support ticket to ICE Mortgage Technology to add your new domain to the ICE allow-list.


Redirecting Existing Subscriptions to New Domain

If you wish to redirect existing subscriptions to the new domain, please cancel your existing subscription and create a new subscription to the new endpoint (no change to this process).

To Add Your Webhook Endpoint Domain to the ICE Allow-list

  1. Open a support ticket to request for your webhook destination domain to be added to the allow-list through the Resource Center. Provide the following in the support case:
    1. Endpoint destination Top Level Domain (example:
    2. Port number
    3. Encompass instance ID (e.g. BE123456)
  2. Once the request has been submitted, it can take up to 5 business days for your request to be processed.
  3. Once the domain has been added, your support ticket will be updated letting you know.
  4. Subscribe to receive webhook notifications for the approved destination endpoint domain using the Create a Subscription API call.


This is NOT IP Whitelisting

Please note, this is not IP whitelisting. If your IP address changes, however, your domain URL stays the same, you do not need to submit a request to ICE.