Encompass Loan Alert Webhooks: How to Enable the Feature

Encompass Loan Alert Webhooks: Compliance Alerts only - Limited Availability

With the Encompass 23.2 Major Release on June 10th, 2023, if enabled, you, as the client or partner, will be able to subscribe to Encompass Loan Resource events to be notified when an Encompass Loan alert is open (active) or cleared.

  • For more information about this enhancement, see the Loan Resource Events section in Webhook Overview.
  • Only Encompass Loan Alerts that are identified as a Compliance Alert Type can generate Webhooks. The remaining non-Compliance, and/or Custom Alert Types, will be enabled for Webhooks in a future release.


  • This enhancement is not yet generally available.
  • In the Encompass Developer Connect portal, you may see the alertchange event, under the loan resource. You will not be able to subscribe to this webhook until the feature is enabled in your Encompass instance(s).
  • To enable this feature for your Encompass instance(s), please open a Support ticket. See Steps section below.
  • If you are a Partner with this feature enabled for your integration, any lender using your integration must also have the feature enabled.


  1. Open a support ticket to request the feature through the Resource Center.
  2. The feature will be enabled on a pre-determined change date, based on when the request is received. This information will be communicated through the support ticket.
  3. Change Dates
    a. Weekly
    b. If the request is received within at least two business days of the next change date, the feature will be enabled on the next change date.
    c. If the request is received less than two business days from the next change date, the feature enablement will be pushed to the following change date.
  4. Support will let you know your specific change date, based on the above criteria.
  5. Once the feature is enabled, your support ticket will be updated letting you know.