Encompass TPO Connect Client Application Integration Guide

Authorized users such as Encompass TPO Connect developers can host their personalized web application (client application). This application will be hosted within iframe in TPO Web Application and provide a communication bridge to transfer user and loan context information from Parent Application (TPO) to Child Application (Client Application).

Developers now have complete control over their application and can deliver customized/dynamic content targeting specific TPO user/organization group or content based on loan context received from the Encompass TPO Connect application.


Download the Encompass TPO Connect Client Application Integration Guide

Click https://help.icemortgagetechnology.com/documentation/developer-connect/documents/TPOC-client-integration.pdf to download a PDF version of the Encompass TPO Connect Client Application Integration Guide.


The following prerequisites are required for the client application to host it in iframe in the Encompass TPO Connect application.

  • Client application should be served from HTTPS protocol.
  • SAMEORIGIN policy should be relaxed in order to load the Client App in iframe

Initial Setup

Follow the steps listed in this section to setup your client application.

  1. Include ICE Mortgage Technology’s Scripting Framework Guest Library into your web page/application. The library can be accessed from ICE Mortgage Technology’s web servers. For example:
    <script src="https://cdn.elliemae.io/elliemae/core/ssf/1.0/elli.ssf.guest-with-polyfill.js"></script>
    <!--Javascript code to instantiate the Guest goes here-->

ICE Mortgage Technology provides two versions of the Scripting Framework Guest Library to choose from when adding your script tag:

  • elli.ssf.guest-with-polyfill.js file includes an Internet Explorer-compatible polyfill library that allows use of modern JavaScript features (e.g. Promises) that are not available in legacy web browsers. This should be your default choice unless you are already including a polyfill library (e.g. the Babel Polyfill library) in your page as a separate script tag.
  • elli.ssf.guest.js file includes only the Scripting Framework Guest components and excludes the polyfill library. Use this version of the script only if you are already including a polyfill library in your page. Note that the script tag for your polyfill library must precede the script tag for the Scripting Framework Guest Library.
  1. Register Client application as “guest” to TPO application.
window.addEventListener("load, function()  {
//Create and register guest app

elli.script.guest.create() method registers the client application as guest app to TPO Application. It also establishes the Parent -> Child communication and exposes the TPO Context Object to the guest app.