Webhook Subscriptions

The flow for ordering document packages is mostly asynchronous so using webhooks is a good way to track the status. Creating a webhook subscription allows the Encompass platform to deliver real-time notifications to your application when a loan audit is created, and when documents are created, ordered, and delivered. These events and more are available for subscription on the DocumentOrder resource.


Support for Webhooks

Note that webhooks for Send Encompass Docs are only supported via API.

Document Order Resource Events

Opening, Closing, and CD/LE workflows will publish a webhook notification upon completion of each step in the workflow. The following events are supported by the Webhook API for the documentOrder resource:

openingauditcompletedWhen an opening document audit is completed.
openingauditfailedWhen opening document audit fails.
openingordercompletedWhen an opening document order is completed.
openingorderfailedWhen an opening order fails.
openingdeliverycompletedWhen opening documents are delivered successfully.
openingdeliveryfailedWhen opening document delivery fails.
closingauditcompletedWhen a closing audit is completed.
closingauditfailedWhen a closing audit fails.
closingordercompletedWhen a closing order is completed.
closingorderfailedWhen a closing order fails.
closingdeliverycompletedWhen closing documents are delivered successfully.
closingdeliveryfailedWhen closing document delivery fails.
closingpackagecompletedWhen a closing package fails.
closingpackagefailedWhen a closing package fails.
formscompletedWhen form delivery is completed.
formsfailedWhen a form fails.
formsdeliverycompletedWhen form delivery is completed.
formsdeliveryfailedWhen form delivery fails.


Sample Webhook Subscription for Opening (Initial) Disclosures

    "endpoint": "https://requestb.in/usbniyus",
    "resource": "DocumentOrder",
    "events": [

Sample Webhook Subscription for Closing Disclosures

    "endpoint": "https://requestb.in/usbniy",
    "resource": "DocumentOrder",
    "events": [

Sample Webhook Subscription for On-Demand Forms

    "endpoint": "https://requestb.in/usbniyc",
    "resource": "DocumentOrder",
    "events": [