Encompass Web Customization Developer’s Guide

For use with Encompass (web version)

Welcome to the Encompass Web Customization Developer’s Guide. This guide describes the basic approach to the customization of extensions in the web version of Encompass: Custom Forms, Custom Tools, and Plugins. It also includes specific use cases and integration methods that the customization is meant to address.
All references to “Encompass” in this guide are referring to the web version of Encompass unless otherwise specified.


Download the Encompass Web Customization Developer’s Guide

Click here to download a PDF version of the Encompass Web Customization Developer’s Guide.

Intended Audience

This guide is intended for experienced developers responsible for customizing Encompass’s Custom Forms, Custom Tools, and Plugins. A knowledge and familiarity with coding in JavaScript is recommended.

What is the ICE Secure Scripting Framework?

ICE Mortgage Technology's web-based application supports advanced customization by allowing third parties (lenders or partners) to inject custom functionality via self-authored HTML, JavaScript and/or CSS. These customizations can then interact with, modify or extend the functions and behaviors of the host application, whether that's one of ICE Mortgage Technology's Connect products.

System Requirements

Before using the Encompass Admin Portal, verify the following system requirements:

  • Recommended monitor resolution: 1680x1050

  • Supported browsers:

    • Chrome (desktop and mobile)
    • Safari (desktop and mobile)
    • Edge (desktop only)
    • Firefox (desktop only)
  • Not supported browsers:

    • Internet Explorer

What is the Encompass Admin Portal?

The Encompass Admin Portal is a centralized location for Encompass Admin settings for the Encompass Web Digital Lending Platform. From the Encompass Admin Portal, administrators can:
• Setup a user or company
• Manage assets such as images or JavaScript files.
• Create and manage Custom Forms, Custom Tools, and Plugins.

Logging In to the Encompass Admin Portal

To Access the Encompass Admin Portal:

  1. Using your web browser, navigate to Encompass.
    The URL for Encompass will be provided to you as part of your initial set up and kick off of Encompass.

  2. On the login window, enter your assigned Encompass administrator credentials in the Client ID, User ID, and Password fields.

  3. Select Log In. The Encompass Admin Portal opens.


A Note About Two Factor Authentication

As an added security measure, Encompass utilizes a process known as two-factor authentication. When logging into Encompass you are prompted to install the Ping Identity app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Once you pair a device with PingID, Encompass will authenticate your device automatically and you can then proceed to the next step to access the Encompass Web Input Form Builder.

For instructions to pair your device with PingID, refer to the Logging Into and Out of Encompass help topic.