What are Plugins?

Plugins are extensions to Encompass, managed as JavaScript files and hosted in the Encompass Admin Portal’s Plugins page.
Plugins are automatically launched at the point of sign-in, after a user has been authenticated during the process of logging into Encompass. As soon as a user logs in, Plugins are loaded within an HTML iFrame element for the entire duration of the session. Based on the user’s actions (e.g., opening a loan, saving a loan, etc.), loan-specific events are raised to each Plugin, and every Plugin is allowed to respond accordingly.

The ICE Scripting Framework allows for two-way communication between the Plugin and Encompass. The Scripting Framework is the mechanism for Encompass to publish loan-specific events, for Plugins to subscribe and respond to these events, and for Encompass to take the feedback and perform necessary action.

Process Overview

The overall process for implementing a Plugin in Encompass involves the following high-level tasks.

  1. Develop the Plugin - The client developer creates the Plugin.
  2. Upload the Plugin - The Encompass administrator uploads the Plugin to the Encompass Admin Portal.
  3. Manage the Plugin - The Encompass administrator manages the Plugin from the Encompass Admin Portal.

Sample Plugin

You can view a sample Plugin in the following link:
ICE Github Plugins

Managing Plugins

The Encompass Admin Portal allows you to upload a new Plugin, delete an existing Plugin, edit an existing Plugin’s description, or export a list of all Plugins to a CSV file.

To manage your Plugins, log in to the Encompass Admin Portal and select Customization, and then select Plugins.

To Upload a Plugin:

  1. From the Plugins page, select Upload.
  2. Select Browse to browse to and select the Plugin (JavaScript file), or drag and drop the Plugin to the file drop area.
    The file is uploaded to the Plugins page.

To Delete a Plugin:

  1. From the Plugins page, select the Plugin you wish to delete.
  2. Select the Delete (trash) icon.

To Edit a Plugin’s Description:

  1. From the Plugins page, in the Description column, hover over the description of the Plugin.
  2. Select the Edit (pencil) icon, and then enter a new description.
  3. Press the Enter key, or click away from the description, to save.

To Export a List of All Plugins to CSV:

  1. From the Plugins page, select Export to CSV.
  2. When asked to save the CSV file, select Yes.
    The CSV file is downloaded to your local hard drive.