Borrower Vesting

Use the Borrower Vesting APIs to view and manage borrower vesting entities that appear on closing documents.

The Borrower Information - Vesting form available in Encompass Loan Officer Connect enables users to enter borrower information, define the ownership rights for the property, enter corporation and trust information, if needed, and create the vesting statement that is used in loan documents. The Borrower Information - Vesting form data can also be viewed and managed programmatically with the Encompass Developer Connect Borrower Vesting APIs.


To learn more about the Borrower Information - Vesting form in Encompass, refer to the Encompass (Web Version) online help.

Borrower Vesting APIs include the following:

  • View Vesting Entities - Returns the borrower vesting entities on a loan.
    GET /v3/loans/{loanId}/closingDocument/vestingEntities?view=entity

  • Manage Vesting Entities - Adds, deletes, replaces, reorders, and updates the vesting entities for a borrower or co-borrower.
    PATCH /v3/loans/{loanId}/closingDocument/vestingEntities