Update User Group

Update user group members for a given group ID. This feature is supported only for Encompass product. Any changes to user group outside of members list must be done within the Encompass Admin.

Usage Notes


The following patch operations(op) are supported for the the Update User Group PATCH call.

  • Add - Use this operation to add a new value for the attribute.
  • Replace - Use this operation to replace existing value of an attribute.
    • For the Update User Group Patch call, the replace operation is supported only for updating 'orgLevel' when the type is 'Organization'.
  • Remove - Delete the existing value of an attribute specified in the path.
    • The "value" attribute is not applicable to the "remove" operation.
    • The "path" attribute is required for remove operation.
    • The filter details of what is to be removed must be sent as part of the path attribute.



Only one operation is supported per API call. For example, you are not able to use both add and remove operations in a single PATCH user group call.

Updating an Attribute

  • The path in the PATCH request body is used to specify the attribute that should be updated. Example: "path": "urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:ice:2.0:EncompassGroup:members"
  • Path is an optional parameter for the add and replace operation, there are two ways to define the operation in a payload: with or without the path parameter.
  • Although the path is not mandatory for add and replace operations, the path is supported for all operations.