V1 Create Cursor

Create a cursor to paginate large data sets.

Usage Notes

  • A maximum of 10 cursors are allowed. Creation of the 11th cursor will result in the removal of the oldest cursor that is marked for expiration.
  • Cursors are flagged for expiration after 5 minutes idle time and have a maximum lifespan of 12 hours.
  • The limit query parameter may be overridden by the server. The server will calculate the optimal limit depending upon the requested number of loans and fields.
  • The cursorType is randomAccess which allows you to randomly assign a start position to start the pagination to retrieve data for the specified cursor.
  • When specifying a cursorType, the request can only include a filter attribute.
  • The x-total-count is a response header attribute that indicates the total number of loans matching your filter criteria.
  • The x-cursor is a response header attribute that represents the name of the cursor.
  • This API requires Encompass 17.3 or greater.