Create a Package Event

Creates an eClose package event.


This Point-of-Sale Framework API is limited to Partners to build custom solutions for Encompass lenders. You must be a registered Point of Sale partner to use this API.

The endpoint URL is the partner's point of sale framework API root:
https://{Partner Point of Sale Framework API root}/packages

The Create Package Event API is a synchronous webhook listener allowing Delivery Partner integration to hook into package creation and observe data and replace the email content and portal linking. The created event is only expected once for any package though a duplicate is possible on a retry and the package will be in Created status. Though it is a POST, it is expected to be idempotent based on the instanceId, groupNamespace, groupId, and packageId.

In order to receive the Point of Sale Framework events, you will onboard your integration with ICE Mortgage Technology providing an API root and secret. You will be provided with a Subscription Id (also known as an Integration Id) and a Signing Key Id for using in authenticating the webhook and making calls to other Point of Sale Framework APIs. See Request Signing for details.

Usage Notes

  • Status - During the Create Event, the package will always be in a Created state.
  • Group Version - The group version is for the group containing the package, and you would only ever get one Create Package event for the package and therefore you would not get different version of this event for the same package.
  • Recipients - All Point of Sale recipients that are required to take action on the package are included. This is currently borrowers (including coborrower) and non-borrowing owners but may change in the future. The group recipients will include all recipient’s data across packages in the group level.