Encompass Compliance Service

Use the Encompass Compliance Service (ECS) APIs to order and retrieve a full compliance review or preview report for a given loan.

The Encompass Compliance Service (powered by Mavent) provides an instant loan file check and determines if a loan complies with selected state and federal regulations. The Encompass Compliance Service APIs provide lenders with the ability to programmatically order and retrieve a full compliance review or preview reports for a given loan.



To use the Encompass Compliance Service APIs, the Encompass Compliance Service must be configured and enabled in Encompass. Users with Encompass admin user IDs can use the Compliance Review Setup tool to configure the Encompass Compliance Service. This setup tool allows administrators to select the type of report they want to use and choose the type of reviews to include based on your organization's unique interpretations and compliance policies. For more information about the Compliance Review Setup tool, see the Encompass Compliance Service Online Help.

Ordering a Compliance Report

The Compliance Report API runs a set of compliance reviews in areas such as TILA tolerance, federal/state/local high-cost thresholds, federal higher-priced mortgage loan thresholds, GSE fee limits, and Ability-to-Repay/Qualified Mortgage (ATR/QM) requirements. The types of reviews performed on a loan will depend on which services have been set up in Encompass and the type of loan being reviewed.

 POST   ecs/v1/compliancereports

This API checks for Encompass licensing and persona access, as defined in the Compliance Review Setup tool (under the License and Users tab, respectively), before initiating the transaction. Once verified, the compliance engine in Encompass evaluates the given loan file based on the client settings. The results are returned to the Encompass Compliance Service API, which creates a report and uploads it to the eFolder. Every time a compliance report is ordered, an entry is added to the Compliance Log.

Viewing Compliance Reports

The Compliance Report API retrieves the latest compliance report for a loan. The complianceReport response contract contains details for each review that was performed and provides the result of each review. If Mavent identifies one or more issues, the data (or missing data) causing the issues are also described in the report.

 GET   ecs/v1/compliancereports