Loan Conditions

Use this API to create and manage a loan's underwriting, post-closing, and preliminary conditions in the Encompass eFolder. This API provides methods to add, remove, update and delete conditions in a condition set.


About Conditions

A condition is an entry in the eFolder that allows you to track the status of a loan condition as the loan moves through the Pipeline. Multiple documents can be assigned to a condition using the Conditions API as well as in Encompass. A document can be assigned to more than one condition. When you access a condition in the eFolder, you can access all the documents assigned to the condition, as well as any files that have been assigned to the documents.

Managing Conditions

Each condition is assigned a unique identifier known as a condition ID . When you specify a condition in a call, you will need to provide the condition's ID (conditionId). The condition ID can be retrieved from the response header when the condition is created.