Print On Demand

Use the Print On Demand API to preview and print forms. The Print On Demand API supports:

  • Generating individual custom and standard forms as displayed on the Standard and Custom Forms tabs in the Print Menu.
  • Generating forms with borrower data.
  • Converting a form to a PDF.

How to Use the Print On Demand APIs

To generate a print order:

  1. Generate the print order by sending the Print On Demand Contract in the request payload.
    POST /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/ondemand
    This call generates the print order. A unique ID for the print order is returned in the response. The ID is required to retrieve the print order.


Save the Print Order ID

The print order ID can be reused to retrieve the order for up to 90 days. However, keep in mind the print order is a snapshot taken at the time the print order was generated. If any data has changed in the print order, run the POST call again to regenerate the forms with the latest data.

  1. Retrieve the print order by passing the order ID in the GET call.
    GET /encompassdocs/v1/documentOrders/ondemand/{ID}
    The response contains the URL for accessing the snapshot for viewing or printing. The URLs will expire after 15 minutes. If a URL expires, it can be regenerated by using the GET call.
    Any documents that failed to generate are listed in the response with error codes and details.