Create a Compliance Report

Run a compliance report for a specified loan.

Response Codes

Response CodeDescription
200 SUCCESSThe report generated successfully.
400 BAD REQUESTThe request payload is invalid because it is missing values for Reporttype and/or ReportMode.
401 UNAUTHORIZEDAuthorization information is missing from the request or the token is expired.
This can be returned if the token does not have an "urn:elli:service:ecs" audience.
403 FORBIDDENThe user does not have access rights to order the compliance report. Or, the client is not Jed licensed.
409 CONFLICTThe Compliance Report did not generate
because the pre-audit check failed. The response includes the auditItems contract indicating the loan's compliance issues and exceptions.
500 INTERNAL SERVER ERRORAn exception occurred. The object reference is not set to an instance of an object.