Get Users

Retrieve all users and associated user profiles.

Usage Notes

SCIM Global User Id

  • The Response body has an attribute meta.location, which provides the URI of the resource. This includes the global user id, which can be parsed and extracted for PATCH and DELETE user calls.


  • Request Parameters “startIndex” and “count” will allow you to specify which user record is the starting record, and how many user records to return. If you do not include these parameters, the first 10 user records will be returned.
  • Response
    • totalResults = The total number of Encompass user records in your instance.
    • itemsPerPage = Default is 10. Or, if “count” parameter is provided, is equal to the number of user records requested. Max is 100.
    • startIndex = Default is 1. Or, if “startIndex” parameter is provided, is equal to the starting user record you specified.

Get ALL Users Limitation for DDA (a.k.a AIQ) Product

  • To retrieve a user from the DDA product, you must pass the product schema and the userName filter as query parameters.
  • If the API call is made without the schemas and the userName filter query parameters, the response will only include a list of users form Encompass.