Associates & Milestones

Every Encompass system defines the roles which users or user groups will take on within a loan as it moves from milestone to milestone. Typical examples include the loan officer, loan processor, and underwriter roles. Roles can be used to determine the set of business rules which govern the user’s access to specific loan features or areas.

Loan Associates

Users are assigned to roles on a loan-by-loan basis. A user who is in the loan officer role for one loan may be in the loan processor role for another. Additionally, a user can be assigned to multiple roles within the same loan file, for example both loan officer and loan processor. Whenever a user is assigned to a role within a loan, that user is said to be a loan associate for the loan. The Loan Associates API allows you to inspect and modify the set of loan associates assigned to a given loan.


A milestone is a step in the workflow that defines loan activities and the role that carries out those activities. When activities are completed, the milestone is marked as finished, and work begins on the next milestone. Use the Milestones API to retrieve one or all milestones for a given loan and to modify a loan's milestone schedule, check for past-due work, and mark a milestone as being completed.


About Milestones

There are thirteen predefined milestones provided in Encompass "out of the box": Started, Qualification, Processing, Submittal, Cond. Approval, Resubmittal, Approval, Doc Preparation, Docs Signing,Funding, Post Closing, Shipping, and Completion. Your Encompass system administrator can configure the behavior (and the names) of these milestones, create new custom milestones as needed, and set up milestone templates that are designed to be applied to loan files based on the loan's type, channel, or other criteria.

Milestone-Free Roles

Within a loan file there are two types of roles:

  • Milestone roles, which are those associated with a particular milestone in the loan, and
  • Milestone-free roles, which are those that are not associated with any milestone.

The association between milestones and roles is configurable for each Encompass system.

The Milestone-Free Roles API allows you to retrieve the milestone-free logs for a given loan.