V3 Get Eligible Roles

Retrieves a list of eligible roles the specified user can perform based on their persona and user group affiliation.

Usage Note
Eligible roles for a user can be retrieved in two ways:

  • By providing their User ID, users/{userId}/eligibleRoles
  • By using the "/me" alias for the signed in user, users/me/eligibleRoles

About Roles in Encompass

Roles carry out loan tasks in the workflow. A role (such as Loan Officer) can be associated with each milestone in the workflow. For example, when tasks are completed at the Processing milestone, the loan is handed off (assigned) to the loan team member who will fulfill the Underwriter role.

A role can consist of multiple personas and user groups. For example, the Loan Officer role can include a junior loan officer and senior loan officer persona. If you assign a user group to a role, all members of the group will have access to a loan when it is assigned to the role.