Loan Pipeline

Use the Pipeline API to search for loans and loan fields on the Pipeline. To perform a search, use POST /loanPipeline and enter simple search criteria to refine results.


There may be times when your application needs to retrieve a long list of loans from the server but you cannot afford to pull all of these items to the client because of the negative performance impact. To help alleviate this problem, the Pipeline API supports cursor-based pagination. Cursor-based pagination separates results into pages. The size of the pages are defined by the start and limit parameters of the cursor (x-cursor ID). By using cursors you can dramatically improve the performance of your application when handling large data sets.

Filter Criteria

You can fine-tune results by defining filter criteria. The filter terms you can query against are: CanonicalName, Value, MatchType, Terms, Operator, Precision, and Include.


Canonical names are field definitions for all of the Encompass Pipeline fields. Every Pipeline field that can be queried has a canonical name with the format Source.Field. You can use the Source portion when there are multiple sources of data in a single query, for example, when querying recently completed loans for borrowers or business contacts.

A canonicalName attribute must be provided when using the filter parameter. The API supports the following data sources:

• Loan – The source for all fields when performing a query against the Loans database.
• Field – The source for field data stored in the Reporting Database.

Use GET loanPipeline/fieldDefinitions to return a list of accepted canonical field names.


Pipeline API Data Refresh Rate
The Pipeline API sources its data from the Encompass Reporting Database (RDB). The RDB is updated asynchronously so be aware that not all Saves and Updates to loans in Encompass will update the RDB immediately. For cursor-based queries, the data returned is from a snapshot captured at the creation of the cursor.

Performance Increase with Admin Persona
Performing a pipeline search does not require Administrator persona access. However, there is a significant performance increase when the search request is made by an admin user.