Manage a Note

Updates or deletes a correspondent trade note.

Usage Notes

  • To delete a note, entityRemove attribute in the tradeNoteContract must be set to true.
  • To delete a note using this API, the caller must have persona access to edit correspondent trades. Access is enabled in Encompass > Settings > Personas > Trades/Contacts/Dashboard/Reports tab > Trades area by selecting the Edit Correspondent Trades check box.
  • When a note is updated or deleted from an existing correspondent trade, an event for “Trade Updated” is created in the correspondent trade history.

Response Codes

Response CodeDescription
200 SUCCESSThe correspondent trade note(s) have been successfully updated.
401 UNAUTHORIZEDAuthorization information was missing from the request or the token is expired.
403 FORBIDDENThe user does not have sufficient privileges to perform this action. The Persona Access to Correspondent Trades, Edit Correspondent Trades setting in Encompass is not enabled.
404 NOT FOUNDThe trade or trade note could not be found.
500 INTERNAL SERVER ERRORThe server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.