V3 Contracts

Use the Field Reader API to view values of loan fields.

Loan Field Data Contract Attributes

Loan fields are defined in the loanFieldDataContract object. The loanFieldDataContract object attributes are described in the following table.

Array of Strings
Loan field ID.
Value of the field in the loan.


Format of date and date-time values

As part of the Field Reader API response, all the values are returned as string values. However, the formatting is different for various fields:

  1. Date fields are returned in the format of "MM/DD/YYYY". For example, "08/29/2022"
  2. Date-time fields that have the timezone indicator stored are returned in the ISO format, in UTC timezone. For example, "2022-08-27 16:57:04Z"
  3. Date-time fields that do not have the timezone indicator stored will be returned as a string. For example, "08/29/2022 11:20:28 AM"

V3 Loan Field Writer Contract Attributes

The Field Writer API updates the values of fields by Field IDs rather than JSON paths for a given loan. This is an alternative to the Update Loan API, and is especially helpful when trying to update specific fields by field IDs. This API also provides the ability to lock and unlock fields with padlocks.

Use the Field Writer API to update field values for a loan. You can update standard fields and custom fields (Loan Custom Fields, Lock Request Additional Custom Fields, TPO Custom Fields) through this API. The same Business Rules and Persona checks that would apply to Update loan call will apply to this Field Writer API as well.

Please note, not all fields can be updated. Refer to the V3 Get Field Schema API for standard field definitions.

The following attributes are contained within the loanFieldWriter contract.

Loan field ID.
Value of the field that you want to write to the loan.
Indicator if you want to lock the field to populate it with the value in the payload rather than keeping the calculated value for padlock fields.

V3 Field Lock Data

The Field Lock Data API is used to manage the list of locked fields in a loan.

The fieldLockData collection stores the list of locked fields in a loan. The Field Lock Data API is used to add, remove, or replace fields in this list.

NOTE: When updating a fieldLockData collection, the collection passed to this API is appendable and does not replace the existing list of fields in fieldLockData.

Example Flow

  1. Retrieve loan to view current list of locked fields.

    GET /v3/loans/{loanId}

"fieldLockData" : [ "loan.secondSubordinateAmount", "loan.BorrowerPaidFHAVAClosingCostsAmount", "Loan.PrincipalAndInterestMonthlyPaymentAmount"]
  1. Remove a field from the list of locked fields. For example, secondSubordinateAmount.

    PATCH /v3/loans/{loanId}/fieldLockData?Action=remove

[ "loan.secondSubordinateAmount" ]
  1. Retrieve the loan to view the updated list of locked fields.

    GET /v3/loans/{loanId}

"fieldLockData" : ["loan.BorrowerPaidFHAVAClosingCostsAmount", "Loan.PrincipalAndInterestMonthlyPaymentAmount"]