Limited Availability for DDA Customers

Lenders who use ICE DDA product with Encompass can subscribe to this resource using the DDA Platform Webhook API only. The DDA Webhooks are released in limited availability, for more details please contact your ICE MT CSM/RM.

Analyzer Document Validation Result Resource Events

The AnalyzerDocumentValidationResult resource represents document validation status from the perspective of AIQ Analyzers including the reasons for documents being invalid.

Analyzer Result Resource Events

The AnalyzerResult resource represents the state of a given ICE Data & Documentation Automation (formerly AIQ) Analyzer by publishing properties of processes such as eligibility, document processing, checklist rules as well as data mapping and applicant association issues.

Data Source Resource Events

The DataSource resource represents the Data Source state throughout the life cycle.

Document Resource Events

The Document resource represents the Document state throughout the life cycle.

eFolder Resource Events

The eFolder represents the Loan/efolder state throughout the life cycle.

Received Mail Item Resource Events

The ReceivedMailItem resource represents the mailitem state throughout the life cycle.

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