V1 Loan Pipeline (with Pagination)

Retrieves pages of loan IDs (GUIDs) and specified fields from loans on the Pipeline.

Use the cursor ID (x-cursor) that is returned in the response header of the Create Cursor API call to set the pagination or starting point for filtering and sorting pipeline requests.

Usage Notes

  • A maximum of 10 cursors are allowed.
  • Cursors are flagged for expiration after 5 minutes idle time and have a maximum lifespan of 12 hours.
  • The limit query parameter may be overridden by the server. The server will calculate the optimal limit depending upon the requested number of loans and fields.
  • The x-total-count is a response header attribute that indicates the total number of loans matching your filter criteria.
  • The x-cursor is a response header attribute that represents the name of the cursor.
  • Only the fields attribute is accepted in the request body.
  • canonicalNames in “View Pipeline” API maps to the criterionNames in “Get Canonical Names” response payload.
  • The number of loans in a page can be retrieved by reading the response.