V1 Get Snapshot

Retrieves a snapshot of the specified Disclosure Tracking log. The snapshot provides a read-only copy of the disclosure information. You can filter results using the type attribute.

Filtering Results

You can retrieve a snapshot from all forms or from only the forms you specify using the type attribute. The type attribute accepts the following values: LE - Loan Estimate. LE snapshots include information from each page of the Loan Estimate form, plus a Fee Changes table that lists the fee description, new fee amount, a description of the changed circumstance, comments, reason for the changed circumstance, and the Changes Received Date. CD - Closing Disclosure. CD snapshots include information from each page of the Closing Disclosure form. SafeHarbor - SafeHarbor snapshots include the Anti-Steering Safe Harbor Disclosure. SSPL - SSPL snapshots include the Settlement Service Provider List. Itemization - 2015 Itemization. Itemization snapshots include information for each fee.