ICE Product and Pricing Engine (ICE PPE)

Use the ICE PPE (formerly known as Encompass Product and Pricing Service (EPPS) APIs to search for best-fit program and pricing information.

To retrieve rates with ICE PPE APIs, the Encompass user must be mapped to an ICE PPE user. To establish this mapping, use the Get User Mapping and Map EPPS User APIs.



You must have an account set up with ICE PPE to return rates using the ICE PPE APIs. For information about setting up an account, see the Encompass online help.

Encompass Developer Connect provides the following sets of ICE PPE APIs:

  • User Management APIs. Use these APIs to manage the mapping between ICE PPE users and Encompass users. View User Management API contracts.

  • Rates APIs. These APIs retrieve loan programs based on given criteria, return eligible rates for a specified program, and select rates. Use them to determine whether a given program for a loan is eligible for Trade and then fetch Loan-level Price Adjustments (LLPA) and Service Release Premium (SRP) details. View Rates API contracts and attributes.

  • Guidelines API. This API returns program guidelines for a specified program ID. View Guidelines API contracts and attributes.

  • Lookups APIs. These APIs search for certain types of loan information across the Product and Pricing system. Learn about Lookups API responses.