Create User

Create User API provides the ability to create a standalone Encompass User and create and link users in both Encompass and AIQ. AIQ users created through SCIM must be associated with an Encompass user.

Global User ID

Global User ID (GUID) is a unique identifier assigned to a user by the ICE Mortgage Technology SCIM service. The GUID facilitates interoperability and consistent identification of users across the ICE MT applications that implement SCIM for identity management and cross-product Single Sign-on (supported in a future release).

Lenders who are licensed for multiple ICE MT products (e.g. Encompass & AIQ/DDA) must ensure that the user profiles for the same employee, across the different products, are linked to the same GUID.

The SCIM GUID is generated when the Create User POST API call is executed to create a user, and captured in the "location" attribute, within the Header. Clients can extract and store it within their global user management system.

The Response body for the GET User API has an attribute meta.location, which provides the URI of the resource. This includes the GUID, which can be parsed and extracted for PATCH and DELETE user calls.

Important: The GUID must be stored on the client side as it is a required attribute for updating and deleting SCIM users.

If a SCIM user profile has already been created for one of the ICE MT products (e.g. Encompass), the GUID would have been generated; therefore, user provisioning for additional ICE MT products (e.g. DDA) for the given employee must be executed via the SCIM PATCH call.

If multiple GUIDs have been generated for provisioning access to different ICE MT products for the same employee in error, one of the Global User ID's must be removed to ensure both accounts are linked to the same Global User ID.

Use CaseAPI MethodResult
New employee access needed for Encompass and DDA.POSTA Global User ID is created.
An Encompass and DDA user profiles are created and linked to the newly created Global User ID.
Existing employee who already has access to Encompass, and needs access to DDA.PATCHA DDA user profile is created and linked to the existing Global User ID.

Configuring Default Settings for Encompass Users

  • A System Administrator can configure default values for user Organization, Persona and Working Folder attributes in the Admin Tools > Server Settings Manager > Policies for a given instance of Encompass.
  • When the defaults are configured, then you do not need to provide the following properties in the request payload when creating an Encompass user. The user is setup with the default settings.
    • workingFolder
    • personas
    • organization