Access Controls

Persona Settings

API Users that are not Encompass Admins must be granted one, or both, of the Persona settings noted below to create new webhook subscriptions.

By default, Encompass Admins can subscribe to any webhook event, Persona settings for webhook subscription does not apply to Administrators.

Persona SettingDescription
Subscribe to WebhookAllows API users to subscribe to all webhooks, except for the "Enhanced Field Change" webhook event.
Enhanced Field ChangeIncludes “Subscribe to Webhook” entitlements. Also, allows API users to subscribe to “Enhanced Field Change” webhooks.
Please note - Enhanced Field Change webhook event is released in limited availability, available to all customers in a future release.



Use caution when determining which non-admin Personas should have Webhook subscription access, especially Enhanced Field Change since it provides loan-level data, including PII. Use the Enhanced Field Change Personas option to limit access to the data to only select users and partners who have a true business need to access the detailed change data.