Create a Session

Creates a Delivery Room session for a recipient in a Partner portal.


This Point-of-Sale Framework API is limited to Partners to build custom solutions for Encompass lenders. You must be a registered Point of Sale partner to use this API.

The Create Package Event payload provides details to the Partner system that determine whether to resolve a user or create a user in the Partner portal.

The response includes the redirect URL to the Delivery Room or the URL to embed within the Partner portal. This URL is only good for one use and times out within 30 seconds - it is intended for immediately rendering the Delivery Room UI only.

Usage Notes

  • Only a Partner can create a session.
  • A Partner can create a session only for the associated package recipient.
  • Once a recipient session is successfully established for the user, it will be bound and no other user can act as that recipient—note that both a recipient and user are representative of a person.
  • It is the Partner portal's responsibility to correctly identify the user that matches the recipient or create a new user for the recipient prior to calling the API.