V3 Manage Disasters

Add, update, delete, re-order, or replace disasters collection property entities for the loan, specified by the loan ID, if the user has access rights to the loan.

Usage Notes

See the following notes regarding each action query parameter value:

  • add - Do not provide “id”. It will be automatically generated.
  • update - The “id” is required to update the appropriate disaster record. Only properties that are provided in the request are updated.
  • delete - The “id” of the disaster record that you want to delete is the only property required.
  • reorder - Reorders the existing collection of disaster records. All disaster record “id’s” must be provided in the payload, in the order you want them, starting with the disaster record you want to appear first, and then so on.
  • replace - Replaces all disaster records in the collection with disaster records provided in the request payload (i.e., deletes existing collection and then replaces with the disaster records provided in the request). New “id’s” are generated for the replaced disaster records.