Send Document Package

When the document set is complete, including any optional documents from the eFolder, the caller can finalize the package.

The Send Document Package API commits and sends the document order to the recipient. The API requires the docset ID and parties returned in the Generate Document Package response payload.

Sending a document package is an asynchronous flow and will return an identifier (deliveryOrderID) in the response.

When delivery is successful, the following occurs:

  • A Disclosure Tracking entry is created in Encompass.
  • Document containers are created in the eFolder
  • The recipients receive an email notification from the borrower portal. Borrower and non-borrowing owners will be directed to Consumer Connect.
  • Closing Package orders will be directed to Loan Connect for execution by the settlement agent.


eSigning Order Configuration

If your company utilizes the eSigning order configuration feature for eDisclosures (Encompass > Settings > Docs Setup > eDisclosure Packages), please be aware that this setting is not supported for traditional (ink) Closing packages.