Manage Plan Codes

Use the Manage Plan Codes API to retrieve a list of company plan codes and apply a selected plan code to a loan file. A generic plan code can be applied if the investor is unknown.

The plan code determines the documents that will be included in the package and the loan program data that will be applied to the loan to correctly render the documents. This step may be done outside the context of the document order if the plan code is applied to the loan prior to initiating the disclosure order. Refer to the Sending Encompass Docs > [Workflows section](ref: workflows-1) for more information.


Use the Get Plan Codes API to retrieve a list of plan codes used by the caller's company when generating disclosures.

   GET /encompassdocs/v1/planCodes?planCodeType=\<opening | closing>

Then use the Apply Plan Code API to apply the selected plan code to the loan file. Any plan code conflicts will be provided in the response.

   POST /encompassdocs/v1/planCodes/{planCodeID}/evaluator