Preview: V3 Update Pipeline View

Use this API to update an existing Pipeline View with revised selections for the parameters of the view. Currently available in Preview mode only.



  • API endpoints published in Preview mode are not available for production use
  • Preview the API contract (including request and response samples) and provide feedback before the contract becomes official in the upcoming months
  • API Previews are intended for planning and feedback purpose only
  • Postman samples are not published for API Previews

Send us your suggestions for improving this API!

  • Tell us about your thoughts on the API Preview content
  • Does the content supporting API Previews provide you enough information to get a head start in planning for integration? Is it helpful?
  • What do you plan to use this API for?
  • Anything blocking you from using this API once it's production ready?
  • Are there any additions or features you would find useful?
  • Email us with your feedback: [email protected]